Diva Pantz™ 2 Washable Female Dog Pantie Diaper+ 6 washable pad

Diva Pantz™ female dog diaper are custom made and perfect for protecting your home from accidental "leaks" while keeping your dog dry and comfortable. You will receive TWO waterproof diaper and 6 washable pads discounted from the single diaper price.

Seasons, incontinence, excitable urination, housetraining and marking are some of the reasons customers and their dogs love our comfortable female "pantz".
Custom made for ALL size dogs*.

Made with premium waterproof PUL fabrics which are a trim knit laminate and made in the USA, free from harmful chemicals. These are the SAME fine fabrics used for washable human baby diapers because of their ability to be washed over and over without de-laminating or cracking as "rubber" diapers do (which causes leaking).
Pads are made with a bamboo dimple fabric with 3 layers inside to absorb and lock wetness. Waterproof backing will match your diaper prints. They fit snuggly into the innovative pouch of our diapers without velcro or snaps. Great for overnight and heavy wetting.

Quilted in the center is a thick, fast drying core of bamboo treated with silver ion technology and unique microfibers that hold 10X their weight in liquid. This unique core is an SBCO original innovation and draws wetness inside and AWAY from your dog's delicate skin. The special diapering fleece we use is knit in such a way that is also pulls wetness away for a super-dry feel and wetness protection. These diapers can be used with or without a liner inside which keeps your diaper clean longer.

Guaranteed to be the BEST diaper you have ever used (check my testimonials at the bottom of the page)
Soft baby-elastic is perfectly placed around the legs openings and waist for a fit that moves with your dog without constricting movement. This soft elastic gathering won't pinch or pull fur.
Wide velcro tabs hold the diaper on securely.

Custom made from measurements you MUST PROVIDE by following the chart here in this listing. This provides the best, most comfortable fit for your little princess. For ALL size dogs, ask if you don't see the size you need. Sold by WAIST MEASUREMENT, please choose from the menu and supply ALL MEASUREMENTS when checking out. This is for the BEST fit. If I don't receive measurements, this will delay or cancel your order.

These diapers can be machine washed over and over again. Please do NOT use fabric softeners in the washer or dryer as this can clog the internal wetness core. For maximum absorbency, AIR DRY.

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I also make diapers with soft flannel fabrics if you don't need waterproof protection. Ask me! holly@spoiledbratzwear.com
Not sure what you need? See our informative diaper selection page: http://www.spoiledbratzwear.com/pages/choosing-the-right-diaper

* If you have a large or giant breed, please ask me what is available.
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