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blueorchidz15 on Apr 22, 2017---5 out of 5 stars
These are THE BEST belly bands on the market. If you have a male dog who likes to mark in the house, try these, you won't be disappointed!
Debbie H. Jan 24, 2017----5 out of 5 stars
This belly band has been an absolute life-saver for us. I'd ordered one from this seller years ago and was pleased, but the newer version is just a dream come true. Incredibly absorbent all on its own (protects pet and carpeting) and yet still comfy for a most uppity breed of dog! Wish I had a couple more bands. They are incredible.
kittyvh Nov 22, 2016--5 out of 5 stars
I bought the polar fleece dog suit for my little furless dog. This is the best thing I have bought in a long time! I live in Minneapolis and a month ago I adopted a rescue Pomeranian who lost a lot of his fur so I knew I needed to get something for him when he goes outside in the winter. I was in a hurry because it suddenly turned cold here so I asked Holly, the shop owner, if she could make it and ship it quickly. I offered her more money to rush ship it but she said no, that she would just send it quickly. I got it in just 3 days...maybe 2?? She needed measurements for my dog because it is custom made and it is great because the suit fits my dog perfectly! It is really high quality, thick fleece that is going to keep him warm in the dead of winter. This is a high quality product...very well-made. Couldn't be happier!
Oct 1, 2016
Holly is a master at her craft!! My Vinnie's suit fits him like a glove & will keep him warm & dry over our long New England winter, thank you Holly!! Alyssa
June 30, 2016
Was amazing to work with! Had a last minute travel plans come up and got my baby covered! Thanks so much! Marie
Kari, June 27, 2016
Spoiled Bratzwear! Need I say more?! Quality plus in these products-Always!
June 1, 2016 Paige K.
These diapers are awesome. When Roxy started going blind she also started peeing in the house. I have just been cleaning up after her for about a year and a half now. This is a lifesaver! And fits perfectly!! Cant thank you enough! I was worried about paying that much but worth every penny! I wasted so much on the store bought ones that didnt work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Tracy C. May 5, 2016
5 out of 5 stars
Amazing! I can't say enough good words. Quick responses to my questions and was able to customize the fit for my disabled dog & even let me pick a fabric from her Facebook page that wasn't featured in the listing. The diaper fit perfectly and arrived so quickly and the quality is fantastic. I'll definitely be buying from you again. Thank you again for everything!
12/30/15 Superior quality! Wonderful fabric - the best looking belly band on the market, hands down! Gathers comfortably round my dog's waist so he doesn't fuss with it at all! Plus, Holly provided exceptional customer service! Highly recommend this vendor! Lisa
11/26/15 "Waterproof Belly Band Dog Diaper" I purchased these from you almost three years ago. I got three, and my dog wears them every day. I just wanted you to know how amazing they are, and after three years, they still are going tears, velcro missing or anything. Exceptionally well made, which is hard to find. Just wanted to let you know! S.Boyd
7/31/15 I have to tell you nothing compares to pee-liminator (male dog diaper) !
I ordered another brand from Etsy since my little guy grew out of his and I was so disappointed.
5/11/15 Easily the best belly bands my dogs have ever had, superior by far, perfect fit, outstanding quality, no leaking or skin irritations, just perfect!!
These (pads) fit so perfectly snug in both the male & female diapers, no slipping, no skin irritations, no smell, no nonsense, these are fantastic!!
5/11/15 Lovely products! These belly bands fit my Pom comfortable without creating mats or restricting him. I tried different styles and the quality of these are amazing and they don't stain his fur! R
5/8/15 Absolutely the best quality dog diapers and clothing available hands down. Don't get fooled by cheaper imitations! Holly is the best no questions asked! Kim
4/24/15 Love these diapers! I'm fostering a cavalier puppy and need waterproof bellybands. My cheaper backup ones aren't working and I love the quality of yours :) Joan
4/23/15 Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much we love the sweater/snoods you made for our Nucky. They are beautifully made and we have gotten so many compliments! Last night at dog training I gave out your website because her leopard print outfit was such a huge hit! I would like to order some more things from you in the future, we are very very happy with your work! :) Thank you so much!!! Katie
3/27/15 Omg Holly!!! I got my package Monday and only now got time to get on here. Your work is absolutely exquisite! Never have belly bands and diapers been so exciting! The fits are perfect. I'm over the moon! I'm sold for life. So pleased there are no words. I've been trying seamstress after seamstress for my IG pjs and you nailed them perfectly.... thank you soooo much! Julie C.
2/10/15 These are amazing! No more pinching and they fit well! I was a little nervous since I couldn't return them but they are perfect! My dog has only had one accident since we got them and I couldn't believe how dry his skin was and no odor. Highly recommend this product! Michelle
1/28/15 What an excellent product! We are so satisfied with this diaper. Excellent fit & quality. Our dog is comfortable & does not mind wearing it. We are able to relax knowing it fits well & isn't sliding around. They fit great as well. Would definitely purchase again! helloraven1
1/12/15 I bought one (bellyband) with the elastic years back and it is still holding up nicely. I must say the one I bought from you has held up the best compared to others I have purchased! Great workmanship! Tracey
12/22/14 The pads & belly bands are perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!!! Debbie
12/5/14 Holly, I just received my Doxie coat in the mail today and I am so so SO impressed!!! Thank you so much, it is beautifully designed :) We appreciate all the work you put into this. Now Lawna will be warm all winter :) Ashley
10/27/14 Hi Holly, just received coats. I tried just one on and look how great it fits. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. My friends want your info as well. He sure will be warm this winter.Xoxoxo Joesy
9/5/14 Holly, thank you very much for all you help and understanding. You are the best! That's why I keep coming back to you, your product and customer service are great!
Sincerely, Ricardo
8/22/14 Reviewing Waterproof, Washable Diapering Solution-2 bellybands and 5 washable pads
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
Love these! They work so well and my dogs are very comfortable in them. Try them, you will love them! I glad I was referred to this shop. Thanks so much!
8/20/14 Brilliant item, excellent quality and fits perfectly. My dog is very comfortable wearing this (PolarSuit) and was quite happy trotting along in the rain with her tail in the air (she does not like the wet weather ordinarily so it was great to see her enjoying a walk in the rain thanks to this suit). I couldn't be more pleased with this and have already recommended this item to other Iggy owners.
Many thanks!
8/19/14 ...the shirts arrived and they are the cutest things I've ever seen. I simply cannot believe how well they fit. You nailed it, the length is perfect, as are the sleeves and all the rest of it. I'm not sure if you make patterns and then save them, or you start over each time, but if they all fit like this, I'll be ordering lots more!! Not to mention she looks ridiculously adorable in them!!!!! Thank you very much. I'm really happy with them. Deb Z.
8/8/14 Sorry it has been awhile since I last ordered from you, but the quality of the belly bands I ordered was so good that I didn't need more until now! Kay
7/28/14 via Facebook I'm here to tell you all, I run an Iggy rescue and NONE are better than Holly's. (bellybands) Maggie, Hazeljane's Blessings OK
7/24/14 Thanks so much - these belly bands are an absolute lifesaver! Maura J.
7/13/14 via Facebook: Her diapers are just awesome, the belly bands or the diapers for the girls!! Both are equally awesome!!
I have a house full of fur babies, most are rescues and weren't potty trained yet!! U have no idea how many times Holly has saved my house and my sanity with her great diapers!!
Jennifer D.
7/10/14 I can't tell you what a miracle they (jammies) are. Each time Fireworks or Thunderstorms come, we put the jammies on Cori and she immediately calms's a blessing for her and for us....PLUS, she looks adorable in them! Joyce
6/7/14 Frasier's belly bands arrived Friday afternoon. They are fantastic! Frasier gave the owl belly band the leak-proof test last night and it definitely passed! It amazes me that they can hold so much liquid. Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly. Your work is impeccable! Dee & Frasier
Holly you make the best! Trixie is so excited when a box arrives from you, she knows what is in store, a great item, beautifully designed. Your passion and talent are top notch. Thanks for making one for Trixie. Standing ovation for you and your work! Judy
5/27/14 I bought a belly band for my dog Jack after he had hernia surgery. Just wanted to say thank you for making such a high quality product. It has stood up though washing and nightly wear. He doesn't even mind putting his "britches" on they must be very comfortable :) keep up the good work. Kathryn
3/17/14 Holly - I received the shirts you made my girls on Saturday and they all fit great!! They look so cute in them. The quality of the material and the way they fit are exceptional.
Thank you so much from the girls (Envi, Victoria, Ginger, Gracie and Lyric) and me!!!

3/14/14I ordered my dog a pair of panties for her being in heat. I was in need quickly and Holly sent it super fast. What beautiful work she does. I will shop some more soon. I am a perfectionist and so is she. I love and highly recommend her products. Well made and fantastic. Grateful, Colleen and Buggy
3/4/14 just wanted to let you know that the collar arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! :-) It was raining all day yesterday and when I took it out of the mailing bag, my dog Tilly got very excited when she saw the collar and she started running around the house wanting to go for a walk :). I took her for a walk with the collar tonight and she was one happy dog :).
Thank you for making such great collars :)
2/28/14 Got Bair and Sadie's collars today, they HATE collars but these are SO soft they don't even know they have them on, I love them!! The nicest collars I've ever come across! THANKS HOLLY!
2/19/14 Holly,
There is not one item in our order that is not perfect. Your designs and execution are impeccable. Thank you so much!

Kris (Chio and Stewie, too!)
1/25/14 Just thought I would send a quick message to let you know how much we love Ace's outfit. We have noticed that when he wears it, he is so much more sociable. If he doesn't have it on, we never see him, he's hidden away under the duvet on the bed to keep warm. He is a happy boy when he is warm. Thank you! Brady
1/17/14 Absolutely LOVE the hat; wish I could post a picture. The hat is very well made and completely adorable. It stays on perfectly and will keep my Lola's delicate terrier ears warm on cold winter days. Wonderful service and excellent quality. I will be back!!!! Antoinette
1/7/14 Cody’s polar suit and belly bands arrived yesterday. That polar fleece is so adorable and warm! I had to talk Cody into letting me take it off him for bed last night. The new belly bands are cute, too. You make the best clothes! Thank you so much. Christi
12/10/13 Over all the websites that had clothing for greyhounds, your site caught my eye, because I saw originality and passion in your work. You really do care. Thank you. Kathleen V.
The romper fits perfectly, it's cute, and sooo soft and comfortable. My Chinese Crested, Pinky, who hates wearing clothes, wears this romper like he was born with it. Thanks so much! Joyce G.
Hello! I ordered and received the"pee-liminator" diaper for my chihuahua. So glad I gave it a try! It actually works! I had previously tried another brand that did not work at all. I just ordered my 2nd "pee-liminator" for him. Now I am wondering which inserts to buy for that particular system? He is soiling them quite often (marking) and to me that means a "saved" spot on the carpet or furniture! Thanks! Sandra
We received your p.j. set yesterday. Thank you! It completely exceeded my expectations, and I adored the packaging. It felt like such a luxurious purchase. I look forward to purchasing a few additional items from you in the future.
Thank you from Anna and Cameo

Good morning Holly, just a quick note to tell you that even though Tanner isn't thrilled with the Solarsuit, I LOVE it!! And you did the neckline perfectly. You rock! Thanks so much for helping my sweet boy. Mary
10/17/13 I just received the costume. It is WONDERFUL!! So beautifully made. Thank you so much! We are delighted. Victoria & Lola
10/10/13 Becky says:
I just want to say I am SO THANKFUL for your great products (especially the male bands!) I was at my wits end when I found you...and I can honestly say these (belly)bands work and have saved my sanity! THANK YOU...and happy sewing!
9/18/13 Mora says:
It´s so beautiful and great quality! I love it! And Holly is so nice and kind. I´m a fan and will buy here again!
9/17/13 Laura says:
Everything about the sweater is perfect <3 <3 Thanks so much.
9/15/13 Amy says:
Loved it!!! Quick shipping and wonderful product!!!
Earlydog says:
Love it! Excellent workmanship and fantastic Seller!
9/12/13 Cathy says:
Just received Baby Girl's panties today and she is so cute In them I can't wait to post pictures! They fit her perfect. She has been wearing the panties from Pet Smart with ladies pads cut in half in them. They fall off of her and bag all the time like droopy drawers. I would recommend your panties over any others. I am SO Glad I found you and ordered from you. You are wonderful. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and Baby Girl says Thank You too :-)
8/24/13 Mora says:
Today I received Justino's pajama and it's amazing! It's better than I thought! And I was really expecting something completely cool! And I could feel the love you put on it! Everything is so lovely! Thank you so much! From me and Justino!
8/23/13 Lauren says:
Hey!! Thank you so so so much! They (bellybands) got in yesterday afternoon. We used one today and it is great!!! It is no wonder you get such great reviews. This could not be a more perfect product!!!! Thanks again, you rock!
"...these male bands are THE BEST I HAVE FOUND FOR HIM! Thank you for a great product!" Becky
8/15/13 Lu says:
"Super Product! Awesome transaction, perfect seller. Cutest fabric ever! I'm repeat customer and I will order again and again. Thanks Holly! You're the best and we love you!"
"Thank you so much for your kindness and your helpfulness and your honesty. Truly exquisite customer service!" Darla
" is BY FAR the best band I have bought for my dachshund! He is paralyzed in hind legs and can't control his bladder most of the time...." Becky
"I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how happy I am with Higgins' new belly band! We just got it today...super fast!!! It's perfect and super cozy! You were right about the size, too! It fits perfectly!!!!" Sincerely, Jessica
"Hi Holly, I have ordered from you several times before and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for saving my area rugs. My three small dogs wear your belly bands every day. Some bands are three years old and they are still being washed several times a week and look great. As a auntie who has visiting puppy cousins regularly, the belly bands are lifesavers during their visits, too. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product, your great fast service and marvelous results from a very satisfied customer. I’ve told my friends and they are now ordering from you also. I just placed yet another order and look forward to receiving it."
Thanks again
Tulsa, OK
"Amazing product with excellent quality. Worth every penny."
7/26/13 ladyt says:
"Wonderful communication, very easy to work with will definitely do business again Love them!"
7/23/13 Ally says:
"Very high quality and fits my dog perfectly!"
" Just wanted to let you know I received my order of belly bands and inserts and they are AMAZING!!! I LOVE THEM.. I have 2 Yorkies that will go outside to play & inside to potty! Over the last year I've purchased 7 other brands and none of them have came close to your custom bands. They are adorable and top quality. You have been a life saver!!!!" Thanks again, Jennifer
"Great material and durability. Sturdy construction and fun prints. Will be back for more (diapers) :)"
"I searched every maker of PJs on Etsy and the web. The search lasted days, but the narrowing down was quick. Your QUALITY is what truly sets you apart. There are many stores with interesting ideas. Anyone who looks for a good fit and attention to detail can see the ENORMOUS difference between your pictured items and the 'attempts' of others. I saw many eye catching fabrics, and then saw legs that were different lengths, saggy fits, etc. I really couldn't believe that sellers would represent themselves so poorly. It was such an easy choice...."
"I ordered an escape-free harness from you a while back for my puppy IG and now she outgrown it. I wanted to replace it with a similar model. I must thank you, because your harness probably saved her life, she was a real escape artiste, she would get out of her harnesses all the time and then run in any direction! But once I put her in one of your harnesses, it was the end of her freedom, she never got out of it! Not to mentioned she looks very stylish in it! Thank You!" Marie
July 3,2013 Kim says:
"Couldn't be happier with this, and each and every purchase ever made. The absolute highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible. Thank you so much Spoiled Bratzwear!"
June 19 Nhrov days:
"These (diapers) make our lives so much easier! Thank you!"
Jun 13, 2013 Nicole O says:
"Amazing seller and amazing product. Highly recommend!!! Super fast shipping and awesome communication!!!"
6/12/13 Nicole says"
"The belly bands are worth their weight in gold in our house!"
6/10/13 Becky says:
"Love how soft this (diaper) was against his skin...thank you!"
6/6/13 Jenny W says:
"As always you're the best!!! You and your diapers are such a life saver. Customer 4 Life!!!"
6/4/13 Carrie says:
"Oh my gosh! I could not be happier with this collar! It is so soft and gentle against my pup's skin. Thank You!!"
"Dear Holly, I received Jackpot's custom outfits the other day and I wanted to let you know how perfect they are. The fit is exact (just as you would expect from a custom outfit), the fabric is awesome and the workmanship is top notch. I want you to know that I will definitely be ordering more outfits in the near future. Once again, thank you." Marge
"Absolutely fabulous! The highest quality, custom petwear available. Always a perfect experience. We love our Iggywear!!!"
"My IG loves his new collar and has not noticed he is wearing a thing since day 1. Very pleased with purchase and quality"
"I LOVE these belly bands for our little Shih Tzu, Toby Bear! I ordered 3 of the sock monkey collection recently and they are the cutest and with the contouring, it is obvious they are the most comfortable belly bands for him!! Thank you so much for such a great product that we use every single day!!!" Pam
"Wonderful communication ensured the perfect fit. Swift shipping to Australia. The material is so soft and snuggy, impeccable quality. It's easy to see Holly is passionate about her craft and is directly improving the lives of dogs and owners. I will be back for more and will highly recommend to others." Yvette
"Very nice belly bands....nicely contoured, adorable, and soft!" Pam
"The only belly band that works"
"We received our boxer Izzy's diaper today and I am SO pleased with it! It fits well and she hasn't been trying to rip it off like other diapers! The quality is incredible and we received it so quickly, for which I am very grateful! We plan on ordering another one very soon.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you! It can be so disheartening trying to deal with incontinence issues for our sweet pup and your wonderful product has already helped us enormously!!
Thank you again for the great product and speedy delivery!" Nya

"Just wanted to comment that your merchandise looks so professional and is such high quality.... I’ve seen them in the store but none as nice as what you have."
"WOW! Totally worth the price!! They (diapers) actually WORK! AND, they're obviously more comfortable on my little guy than anything I've ever tried in the past. Thank You!!"
"These (diapers) are the panacea for puppy owners! I also used them for my male Greyhounds-absolutely amazing. I love love love these!"
"Beautiful fabric and perfect fit. The boys look great and I know they are being protected from the suns damaging rays. I love these!!!!!! What well dressed Iggies I have thanks to Holly. Thanks again."
Apr 28, 2013
"Repeat customer, love the bellyband!!! best investment ever. Thank you for all your hard work!!"
"Hi Holly, I wanted to let you know that you have a great (diaper) product. The feel is so soft and is such great quality! I used for the first time yesterday. I wasn’t sure he would go or hold it when wearing – but he went & no leak!
Yippee! Thanks for your help & having such a great product for my lil guy! : ) Laurie"

"Just wanted to send you a quick note. We love your belly band. They have saved our lives. Thank you."

Mar 26, 2013
"Top quality products with attention to detail. Love the custom fit option. The light weight - less bulky, streamlined fit is wonderful!"

Mar 25, 2013 Sue says:
"Love this diaper and pad set. Very quickly shipped. High quality construction. "

"Holly was wonderful to work with. She was gracious enough to help us out in a time of need. The jammies we received are very well made and fit well. I would definitely order from her again!"

"I love this custom fit hoodie for my Iggy. Great work ! quality. Thanks so much!" Amanda

"Our second collar from Spoiled Bratzwear for our sensitive-skinned JRT. The first one lasted a long time and never rubbed off his fur like every other collar we've tried (including the expensive rolled leather kind!). Great product!"

"Holly, I just wanted to let you know that I received the belly band that I ordered for my little Italian Greyhound and I am so pleased! I have tried other belly bands and they do not work for him but this is perfect! Thank you so much"

"This makes the fourth or fifth time we have ordered from this shop. Her items are simply THE best and I have tried pretty much all that is out there. They are worth every penny. If you have a dog with incontinence issues, do yourself a favor, buy from this shop. Thank you so much Holly! Your compassion and kindness is more appreciated than you could know."

"We received our set of belly bands and inserts. Our 17-year-old Min Pin has not had an accident on the floor since we got your package Friday. Prior to that, we had about 10 puddles/day to clean up!
Sweet old guy enjoyed his new found freedom last night by taking a nap in the living room - a place in the house he wasn't allowed for the last two months.
Anyway, your beautifully made product changed our lives this weekend. Thank you!"
The Elliott Family

"I received them (diapers) today, I loved them. I absolutely love your meticulous work, hats off to you. I am very impressed.
Thank you so much for your time and beautiful workmanship"
Bianca D.

2/13/13 MagnoliasShadow says: "I have found the Pee-Liminator bellyband system to be a professional quality product with outstanding design. It performs exactly as described. Seller provided exceptional customer service and fast delivery for this custom made item. Thank you Holly for your help and for this great product."

dracula1422 says: "I can't explain how excellent this product is. I have the worse dog in the world, he pees when he walks upstairs, he pees randomly through out the day, I used many bands and this is the only band that works!!!!! Quality quality quality!!! Made so well and does the job! No leak! No more buying expensive cleaning sprays to take out the smell in your home, these do the job! They are the only band that works, all others leak!!!! (Trust me I tried them all) This product saved my life and the seller is a sweetheart and works with you through message!! 5 stars!!"

Feb 1, 2013 "This is our third coat from spoiledbratwear and we have been very satisified with the quality and detailed workmanship. One of the coats is over a year old, still looks great, and is our only weapon in convincing our diva female IG to go out into the cold. Thanks again for the obvious care that you put into your product."
Larry in PA

Feb 2, 2013 "Abbey's diaper came the other day, but today was the soonest I could try it out on her, with supervision. Well, I don't know if it's because it was custom made to fit her, your design, or the beautiful construction, but it works! Thank you so much for helping make Abbey's life a little better."
Susan C.

Jan 2, 2013 Susie S says: "This beautiful little fleece coat is admired every time we take our dog out in it. The fit is also the best I've come across. Thank you so much :-D"

Jan 3, 2013 Sue says: "Beautifully sewn outfit and great fit on my dog. I've purchased from this shop in the past and I will in the future. Love it! Thank you so much."

Jan 6, 2013 Cari says: "Working with this seller was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The item is wonderfully well made and fits my dog perfectly. I am so relieved that he will be able to exercise outdoors in the cold weather safely. THANK YOU!!! I will definitely be back to purchase more items."

Jan 8, 2013 Stephanie U says:
"Fits perfectly!! Love it so much!! I am a forever customer!!"

Jan 6, 2013 Jenni B says: "Extremely well made harness. It is so comfortable that Sophia Rose will actually sleep with it on. It's doesn't chafe her skin at all like most harnesses. Seller was very easy to work with and makes a really great product. Thank you!"

Jan 6, 2013 cambrosia says:
"Such a sweet and thoughtful shop owner! Holly got these pj's to me asap knowing I needed them for my little Bichon who is going through chemo. The pj's fit perfectly, are well-made and adorable!! I highly recommend this shop-thank you again Holly!! XOXO"

Jan 15, 2013
"beautiful outfit!! I usually order from a public company out of NYC but Holly has done such a fantastic job on this outfit that she is now my go-to for custom IGGY clothes!!! the material is very warm for indoor or quick outdoor usage and the neck and front paw area is adorable!" Stephanie C.

Jan 16, 2013
"Very nice outfit!!! Good communication. She even double checked on my measurements (good thing as I was off on one). The fit is great and he looks awesome in it." Mike

Jan 20, 2013
"THE BEST doggie sweaters ever!! Thank you Holly! The black looks SO sharp on Sammy! Hugs."

TexasCeramics on 01/26/2013:
Thank you Holly, the belly band is just the right size for Tigger. I'm delighted with the tinklepad, it's a great size and I love the instructions you included with each item. The workmanship is perfect and the materials are top notch, it has been a pleasure working with you and I know I will be back for more, thanks again.

Nov 3, 2012 -Sheryl M says:
"Holly and Spoiled Bratzwear right from the get-go. She does an excellent job with everything: potty pads, leg warmers, PJs, and warm fleece jackets. I just don't know what I would do without Spoiled Bratzwear! You have ensured that my dog stays warm, safe, and comfortable all year-round. Thank you!!!"

Dec 3, 2012-Leah G says:
I can't say enough about this adorable romper! It fits perfectly, and is so well made. No more shivering puppy on those cold rides to work - thank you.

Dec 12, 2012- Mary R says:
This jacket is great. It's exactly like it looks in the pic and fits perfectly. I love it so much. As it is truly a winter coat and intended for cold weather, I am going to now purchase an appropriate outfit for indoors as well. The quality is amazing.

Dec 13, 2012 -Theodore S says:
This is the second Item we have bought from Spoiled Bratzwear. Same top quality as the first.

Dec 15, 2012 Brittany M says:
Holly has done such an excellent job on both of the suits i got for my italian greyhound! the quality of the fabic is excellent, as is the craftsmanship. if you're thinking about purchasing through her, don't hesistate! you won't be disappointed!

Dec 17, 2012 Shannon F says:
AMAZING Seller! Lighting fast shipping which was perfect because I desperately needed these bands. The product is INCREDIBLE and so well made, and so cute on our little man too! Ive already put them through the wash multiple times and they're just like new! Will definitely be purchasing from again, and referring to ANYONE who is having issues with accidents at home! <3 Thank you so so SO much!

Dec 18, 2012 Laura says:
I've ordered several "other" Belly Bands and these are the best. Don't go with the copies - go with Holly's work. You won't be disappointed.

Theresa C says: Thanks for the fast shipping! Products perfect!
Sep 5, 2012

anevedal says:
great item and great seller!
Sep 5, 2012

emily hummel(ostatelady) says:
cutest tag collar and so soft! thanks holly!
Sep 5, 2012

BrendaKay1955 says:
Thank you for going above and beyond for my order. I love your belly bands!!!!!
Sep 4, 2012

Guinness8 says:
Awesome! Perfect! if you are looking for a belly band look no further, buy from this seller! Super fast shipping, extremely helpful! Thank you! Sep 1, 2012

Katrine (LongDogGeneral) says: Perfect fit!
Aug 31, 2012

Margaret Lenertz(hazeljanesblessings) says:
Holly is the best! The best dog clothing on the planet, bar none. You cannot go wrong. Aug 29, 2012

Lauren Hardisky(lhardisky) says:
The best winter protection for Italian Greyhounds! Fits perfectly, so warm and soft. The dogs don't want to take them off!!!!! Thanks so much! Highly recommended! Aug 27, 2012

mtsutherland says: Awesome sun suit for my white Italian Greyhound! He actually loves to hang out in it. Thank you so much - you may have extended the life of my beloved little dog.
Aug 25, 2012


BrendaKay1955 says: I LOVE these bands! Our Dachshund has liver problems so he has an extended belly. Store bought brands either have no elastic (so he can't keep them on) or bind him due to the elastic all the way around. These have elastic in the sides and are just wide enough to let him wear it comfortably while catching all of his pee (no leaking). I highly recommend them! Aug 24, 2012

eileen lipani(lzyrvrd) says: I'm about to buy more right now! TY!!
Aug 22, 2012

Claire Amanno(amannocollection) says: SUPER PRODUCT AND SERVICE! Custom detail worked out swiftly and easily. Will buy again!
Aug 22, 2012

Vickie Cunningham(vickiemarie) says: As always, absolutely perfect! Thank you, Holly! Aug 21, 2012

Theresa Cardillo(tcardillo) says: Great idea. saves on buying disposables. nice and soft too! Aug 21, 2012

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