"Be SUN SAFE for your dog's sake!"™
I stock over 85 prints, merles and solids , not just the prints shown here.

Custom made UV pet clothing blocks the sun's harmful rays with cooling athletic fabrics and 30-50 UPF protection.
This product line was founded in early 2011 for my own IG who fought skin cancer for 8+ years.
I am the original designer of K9 Sunwear™ and grateful for your support of my innovations!
DISCLAIMER: We can not guarantee your dog will not get skin cancer from wearing our clothing but we CAN guarantee they won't suffer painful sunburns which can lead to skin cancers.
PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY. We do not accept returns on custom petwear because you measured improperly. I've been doing this a long time and if you measure right, it will fit GUARANTEED.