K9Sunwear™ Skinny Dipperz ™ SwimGear for Dogs

Does your dog live to be in the water? Protect them from UV rays with our newest full body sleeveless design.
A combination of our sleeveless vest with full body coverage and minimal back sleeves so your dog can paddle away while keeping the back and neck fully covered and protected from sunburns. Shown with the MID length collar. These dry super fast and offer some evaporative cooling.

Choose the correct size from the drop down menu by WEIGHT, you will then be taken to a separate page to enter your dog's measurements, print and design choices.

Available in 80+ solids, prints and merles. MORE PRINTS here: www.k9sunwear.com

Sold by weight and custom made. I need all measurements for your custom swim gear.
Thanks to ROLLO for modeling, he is the reason we came up with this design!!!
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