ALL CLOTHING-Measuring Instructions~Please review and follow carefully

NEW customers will be required to submit a photo with ALL measurements written on it as shown. You can also send me a picture with the tape measure on your dog as is also shown. If this information is not submitted, your order will be canceled. There are NO RETURNS on custom made items. If you measure correctly, your clothing will fit perfectly.

Hold your measuring tape taut, but not tight. DO NOT ADD TO MEASUREMENTS!!!
I have a specific mathematical formula to determine a custom pattern for your dog. Don't have a measuring tape? Use a ribbon or string and hold it up to a ruler. Take all measurements twice to assure accuracy. Have another person hold your dog firmly on a table in standing position as shown.

~Collar: Measure around the neck at the base where collar naturally sits Do not go up behind the ears.
~Chest: Measure around the chest at the deepest, usually 1-2" behind the front legs.
~Body Length: Measure from BASE of neck where a collar naturally sits (not up around the ears) to exactly where the tail begins following the curve of the back. This is VERY important for 4 legged jammies and suits!
~Height: Hold measuring tape on the floor and measure straight up to the top of the back at the front shoulder. DO NOT bend the tape around to the spine.
~Rear Inseam: From ankle to groin where leg meets the body on the INSIDE of the leg.

For SNOODS: measure the top of the head from the eyebrow to the neck base along the topline of the head.
ALL CLOTHING-Measuring Instructions~Please review and follow carefully listed in: