K9 Sunwear™ T-SHIRT sun protective clothing for dogs

These special athletic fabrics offer 30-50+ UPF to block 98% of the sun's damaging rays. This is our 5th style with a shorter neck style and accenting cuffs or simple hems. Roll the collar or wear it up for neck protection. We also make long snood necks for ear protection.

K9 Sunwear™ was originally designed in 2011 for my own Italian greyhound who battled skin cancer for 8 years. In 2021 we are adding more prints and solids from high quality American manufacturers. Some of these fabrics are EXCLUSIVE to K9 Sunwear™ so you won't see them elsewhere.
I have SO many more prints, visit www.k9sunwear and see them all!

Please provide ALL MEASUREMENTS and COLOR/PRINT. If any of this info is missing, your order will be delayed. CUSTOM MADE, not stocked. Allow up to 3 weeks to receive.

See all of the styles we offer in the shop including hoodies, vests and full suits in these amazing protective fabrics. www.spoiledbratzwear.com

Visit our UV print/solids album on Facebook, MANY more prints available just no space here to show them all www.facebook.com/spoiledbratzwear also more listed on www.k9sunwear.com

"Be sun~safe for your dog's sake!" ™

You can read more about our personal journey with hemangiosarcoma and the reason I created this product line in 2011 for my own Italian greyhound, Valentino. www.k9sunwear.com

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