K9 Sunwear™ Full Body NO BURN SUIT-UV protection

Custom made sun protection suits for hairless/short hair dogs are stretchy, lightweight and breathable, made with special smooth poly/nylon/spandex blends that have been tested to block more than 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays while being lightweight and cool in the warmer months. Available in 80+ colors and prints, many MORE on Facebook and on the www.K9Sunwear.com website. www.facebook.com/spoiledbratzwear
If you want the ALOE INFUSED fabrics, they are listed separately here: https://www.spoiledbratzwear.com/collections/solarsuits-uv-sun-protection/products/aloe-infused-k9-sunwear-cooling-no-burn-dog-suit-uv-protection

✅ UPF 50+ Sun Protection
✅ 4-Way Stretch
✅ Special athletic fabrics keep you dog COOL
✅ Wet them for an evaporative cooling effect
✅ Fast drying, easy wash and wear
✅ Professionally finished stretch seams

Perfect for the beach, hiking, boating or at the pool. These are the same fine fabrics used by many outdoor and athletic HUMAN clothing companies for rash guards because of their superior sun~blocking SPF properties.

The prints and solids have a slinky feel, nylon, tricot, spandex. The heathers feel like cotton with a very soft hand and matte finish. (my personal favorite for my dogs) If you would like free fabric samples before purchasing your custom K9 Sunwear™, please email me holly@spoiledbratzwear.com

I created this innovative line of sun protective pet clothing in Spring 2011 for my own Italian greyhound who was diagnosed with skin cancer and could not wear chemical protection. There was nothing like it on the market.
I am the original designer of K9 Sunwear™ and appreciate your support.

Fabric has lots of stretch that moves and grooves with your dog. Simple tailoring with a roomy, cool long neck to protect the head and ears. Machine wash, air dry.
Choose HEMS or CUFFS for the sleeve finish.

Need more belly coverage? Less coverage for your leg lifter? Let's design the perfect suit for your little dog that will keep him/her cool AND protected.

There is a 3 week waiting list for my custom made sun joggers.

VISIT US ON FACEBOOK to see all of the 80+ colors/prints available. I don't have the room here to show them all https://www.facebook.com/143450764634/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10153601799364635
Also more fabrics listed on the K9 Sunwear website: www.k9sunwear.com

Feel free to mix and match colors/prints or order in the 2 tone with solid "pants".

Design your own, I have many solids in stock too.

Aloe infused suits sold separately here: https://www.spoiledbratzwear.com/collections/solarsuits-uv-sun-protection/products/aloe-infused-k9-sunwear-cooling-no-burn-dog-suit-uv-protection
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