Spoiled Bratzwear's feedback January 2008- we closed our main Etsy shop in 2017 but do keep a diaper shop there and also a K9 Sunwear shop in season.
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9/25/21 "Fit absolutely perfect So so soft and exactly want I wanted !!
My Phoebe look2 so beautiful in it and we can tell that she is so comfortable
Thank you you so much for everything, the experience and communication was amazing from beginning to the end Just LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to order more."
Josee S.
8/27/21 "Your diapers really are the best! I've been telling everyone who buys the disposable ones at the pet store I work at about your website." Ashley P.
8/25/2021 "I wanted to thank you for the lovely sun suits for Jules. They fit perfectly and he happily wears them. His skin is remarkably better since he’s been wearing his suits. No new cancer areas and we can pet him again without any skin pain. They are magical! You have saved my boy!! With gratitude." Hiedi and Jules
7/20/21 "xoxo they are a perfect fit!! (Diva Pantz) there aren’t enough words to thank you!!! ❤️ from the bottom of our hearts!! we appreciate you!" Tatjana P.
6/27/21 "I received the custom diapers yesterday and they are perfect!
Fit great, so cute, and she can’t squirm out of them. This will be a great solution for me! Thanks so much for getting them to me quickly!" Best, Lauren & Fendi
6/21/21 "Holly-WOW! I recently ordered one of your Etsy "as is" pieces for my little Iggy (watermelons). She is 5 months so I calculated that medium will fit better at some point, as we moving to a warm area next month. It is so amazing!!!! Your UV fabric is awesome. I know you are super busy, but is there any chance u do human rash vests??
I adore that fabric sample you sent in pretty pastels with scales and fins. Thanks again,
Jo "
6/12/21 "So many afternoon thunderstorms in GA. Our newest family member, 7-8 year old owner relinquishment little Mighty Vann, does not like thunderstorms.
The very first sling we got from you literally calms him down from wide-eyed and very worried to asleep and settled. Thank you!" ❤️ Mary W.
6/9/21 "Hi! I bought a UV shirt a couple months ago and just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product! It’s sooo easy to get on and off my pup Legs and I feel much better about him laying and playing outside!" Lindsay and Legs
5/29/21 "After having already been through three surgeries to remove five mast cell tumors and a lymph node (fortunately, low grade and clean margins), my sweet dog was diagnosed with dermal hemangiosarcoma.
I struggled to find a sunsuit that would cover his most vulnerable areas, not cause him to overheat and was gentle on his skin.
I was immediately impressed and at ease with Holly, she knew from a photo exactly what material my short-term solution was, and she was kind, professional, and warm.
Not only is the sunsuit she made absolutely beautiful, a perfect fit, and has exceptional craftsmanship but she knows dogs and how their bodies work, the belly area covers well but my dog doesn’t pee on it (no small task). Plus, I feel like it was made with love and doesn’t chafe sensitive areas like other clothes have in the past.
I can’t recommend SpoiledBratzwear enough. Holly is amazing and the sunsuit she made for my dog is perfect. " Brandi B. via Facebook
5/12/21 "Our sun suits came yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you! The fit is perfect, and they are adorable. We will be repeat customers, for sure!"
Kristin V.
4/20/21 "One thing I like about yours (K9 Sunwear) opposed to her (FurBuddies) is the weight of the material. Hers is a lot heavier. Where yours is a lot lighter and cooler." Jordan M
3/11/21 "The clothing you made for my 2 fit better than any I’ve ever owned. And that’s a lot over almost 30 years of owning Chinese Cresteds!" Elise F.
3/2/21 "I just received mine and they are THE most amazing masks. And being a cop...I have tried all kinds of them. That being said, can I order a couple more? I wanted to make sure they were as great as I assumed before ordering a couple more. But now I want to get one for my mom, hubby, and sister." Nichole C.
3/1/21 Facebook Review "These custom suits are worth every penny. Excellent quality. I can’t wait to buy more!! First time customer and these are a perfect fit! TY very much, Opi loves them too!❤️❤️" Lynne R.
2/23/2021 "I’m always happy with my purchases you do such amazing work! Feel free to share Calvin modeling your things if you like! It’s hard finding clothes like your sunwear or items that also cover his butt and hips and now that he has full blown alopecia and cushings, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about sunburns at least." Anjoupom
2/9/21 "I purchased some XS bellybands on Amazon – they say that they’re for 9-11” but he manages to get out of them in just a few minutes after we put them on. My sister uses your bellybands with her Havanese and his bellyband stays on all the time without any problem so I thought I would try your bands to see if they stay on better. " Karen H.
2/7/21 "Thank you once again for the perfect fitting best dog diaper ever. As you can see with his roached back and bad knees, without this custom belly band I could not keep anything on him. I could not do hospice work without your product. Tracy K."
2/5/21 "Holly is a seamstress, her work reflects that. I have belly bands that are at least 7+ years, still like new. She has made a hoody, coat, diva pants, pjs for a number of my kids. Never had to restitch because the stitching has undone. Never. And they have been washed regularly, fabric keeps its colours, still soft etc... they will last a very long time." Denise V.
1/21/21 "I received my order today. And I wanted you to know, that my Fat Iggy/Smoki, finally, cannot remove your belly band!! Hurray! Thank you for making such a nice product. And the bag is such a nice presentation. Marga C. "
1/12/21 "Hi Holly! Just wanted to let you know that I received Luna's sunsuit today and it looks great on her and fits perfectly. Thank you and I will most likely be placing another order in the near future. It was a pleasure working with you on this project.
12/27/20 "Hi Holly. They (jammies) came today! They fit him so well! You did a great job, I love them! Thank you so much! " Michelle B.
11/23/20 "Just a note of thanks for Wylie’s stylish new duds. He loves his sweatshirt and sweater! They fit perfect, and your craftsmanship is impeccable. He’s getting lots of compliments on his walks and best of all staying cozy on chilly days.
I’m so glad we found you and look forward to ordering more outfits.
Thanks again,
Michelle & Wylie"
11/8/2020 "Top quality and flawless fit. Thanks for all the help with measurements. I couldn't be happier!!" Rachel G
10/27/20 "I first started ordering stuff for Harvey and my dog business from you in 2007 and we're still wearing/using the same pieces! Excellent quality and dependable service. So lucky to have found you. " Carol C.
10/27/20 "Thank you...seriously. Best belly bands I've found in 10+ yrs of having dachshunds with issues." Dianne D.
9/4/2020 Melissa S. recommends Spoiled Bratzwear on Facebook
"Our IG, Sasha, recently was diagnosed with skin cancer--and protection from Arizona's UV rays is of utmost importance for our little lover. Thank you Holly at Spoiled Bratzwear for Sasha's UV protective romper! Your responsiveness was simply incredible--and much appreciated!"
7/9/20 "I am so happy that I and others are able to help support a home based business. Thanks for being so easy to work with. You have gone above and beyond with my Joey’s issues." Susan M.
6/23/20 "Just wanted to let you know I splurged and bought the inserts for my hospice foster's xs male diaper, I am so glad that I did. The diaper fits him much better and I know it is more comfortable for him. I do not have the issues with urine leaking out around the edges the way it did when I used human incontinence pads and he feels much drier when I change the pad which is several times a day, washing is very easy I do it by hand and let sit in the sun to dry. Best diaper ever!!!" Lala S.
6/13/20 Cheryl M recommends Spoiled Bratzwear
"Quality work & amazing choices of fabric!
Highly recommend!
Stu says Thank You Holly for my amazing & bombastic Tattoo Jungle shirt! It's the most!!!"
June '20 "The BEST belly bands EVER!! Would never use anything else for my little kiddos. Been using them for almost 5 yrs now......still washing n wearing great!!! Ordering more now for my new little boy Hummer." Rosemary D.
May 2020 "I've used Holly's belly bands for 13 years. The same ones I bought that long ago are still going strong for my dog boarding boys, even through many washings!" Carol C. Biscuits B&B
1/27/2020 "I’m impressed how GORGEOUS, soft and fabulous these belly bands are! They are such a huge improvement over what Tuey’s been wearing.
And I’m already familiar with your exquisite craftswomanship. It’ll be so nice to have the soft Velcro facing up—the last ones I had for him have the stiff Velcro facing up, often not covered which would rub on my legs and catch on everything he laid on!
The fabric is KILLER, and I feel so much better already with Tuey now having to wear a belly band round the clock.
Thanks so so much! And thanks for the sample of the pad to try out! I go through a TON of pads for him, so these could be a game changer." Janet
1/2/20 "Holly I just want to thank you for your quick response on the belly band. It fits perfect and as always everything you make is so well done. Thank you again and I hope you have a healthy and safe New Year."
Sincerely, Mary
11/27/19 "I was sorting the kids clothes, found this awesome romper you made Kodiak. Now Loki loves it! The quality of your products is so outstanding, this has been washed so many times, and it’s still brand new ♥️" J. Petersen
11/27/19 "Thank you so much for making these huge beautiful coats. She doesn't like to take pictures or get dressed. But once she got her coats on she loved them. Thank you for what you do for the rescues." K.K.R
11/25/19 "You do such beautiful work your pieces hold up amazing! " L. Hacock
8/6/19 "I was so excited to get Farrah’s new shirt yesterday! It fits her perfectly and she loves it! The fabric quality is fantastic, and your ability to make something that is so comfortable for a naked dog to wear against their sensitive skin is so appreciated. No tags to cut out, no itchy thread, and no scratchy seams. All the things that I’ve been looking for and wishing that I had the talent to produce, you’ve accomplished! And sun protection so that I don’t have to worry about sunburn and her licking the nasty lotion. Thank you so much, and you’ll hear from me again soon." ~Jane
6/17/19 "Love, Love, LOVE the diaper! Very nicely made. You have a wonderful product." Sharon C.
6/13/19 "Yours (bellybands) are so much better than anything out there! And he doesn’t try to get out of them! They rock ! " Bernice B
4/30/19 "The two gold skull shirts arrived yesterday afternoon and they are just perfect! I’ll get some photos this week for you.
I’ve only ever ordered about $600 of custom belly bands and inserts over the years from you, so these were the first clothing items. I’m blown away by the quality, and your attention to detail! These shirts are so much better than anything my dogs currently own! Thanks!" Cynthia J.
4/16/19 "I don't know if you remember from so long ago (about 10 years), but you made me a bunch of belly bands for my boarding business. I want to tell you that with 10 years of constant washing of those fabulous things they are still in just as perfect shape now as they were when they were new! The Velcro stitching hasn't pulled out and neither has any of the other stitching. I've been so impressed with your work. Those little things have saved me so much grief over the years. I can't thank you enough for your excellent work! It's been fun to see how much growth your business has had. Well done to you!" Carol C. Scooters Bed & Biscuit
11/11/18 "Got the new diapers. I really very much thank you for all your efforts on behalf of all iggy’s and their owners. This has made a huge difference in our lives!"
11/5/18 "Holly, we just got the new pair of Diva Pantz. They are adorable! You are extremely talented and very much appreciated! We have 3 pair of jammies and a Brat Sack that are about 8 or 9 years old and still in great shape. Thanks for making our fur kids comfortable!" Heather P.
11/4/18 "Hi Holly!
The hats and vest are perfect!!! Thank you so much!!! They look so adorable!!
Amanda, Giuseppe and Shai
Paige Kemp on Jun 1, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
These diapers are awesome. When Roxy started going blind she also started peeing in the house. I have just been cleaning up after her for about a year and a half now. This is a lifesaver! And fits perfectly!! Cant thank you enough! I was worried about paying that much but worth every penny! I wasted so much on the store bought ones that didn't work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
msaeger5667 on May 8, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
The UV shirt arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Holly was an absolute delight to work with and was incredibly responsive. May get another in the Galaxy print!

May 17, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
Incredible. Innovated to the best product for our pets, homes and even the environment. These will save you $$$$ in the long run! Such an impressive product and shop!

parispuppies on May 17, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
We are so impressed and thankful to have discovered a belly band system that works better than anything we have ever used!!!

We received the pee bands today! Thank you!! Beautiful workmanship!!! I'm very pleased!! Bubba says thank you! He can be out of his crate now!!

Jennifer Berglund on Apr 26, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
Very well made, quality materials & fast shipping. No more worrying about possible marking in new environments. Will be ordering from this seller again

blueorchidz15 on Apr 22, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
These are THE BEST belly bands on the market. If you have a male dog who likes to mark in the house, try these, you won't be disappointed!

Debbie Held on Mar 14, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
The best belly bands we've ever used. They are absorbent, too!

Laura Snyder on Feb 7, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
Shipped fast-got it within a week! Fantastic item, quality made. I use when I bring my dog to a friend's house as he likes to roam around and mark territory. It works great, and he doesn't mind wearing it.

Carol Michaels on Feb 3, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
Fits like a dream! Holly is just wonderful to work with and dispatched our much needed diaper that same day! You will not be disappointed with her products; they are expertly made with great attention to detail and quality. I highly recommend buying her waterproof female dog diapers!

Debbie Held on Jan 24, 2017 5 out of 5 stars
This belly band has been an absolute life-saver for us. I'd ordered on from this seller years ago and the was pleased, but the newer version is just a dream come true. Incredibly absorbent all on its own (protects pet and carpeting) and yet still comfy for a most uppity breed of dog! Wish I had a couple more bands. They are incredible.

kittyvh on Nov 22, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
I bought the polar fleece dog suit for my little furless dog. This is the best thing I have bought in a long time! I live in Minneapolis and a month ago I adopted a rescue Pomeranian who lost a lot of his fur so I knew I needed to get something for him when he goes outside in the winter.I was in a hurry because it suddenly turned cold here so I asked Holly, the shop owner, if she could make it and ship it quickly. I offered her more money to rush ship it but she said no, that she would just send it quickly. I got it in just 3 days...maybe 2?? She needed measurements for my dog because it is custom made and it is great because the suit fit my dog perfectly! It is really high quality , thick fleece that is going to keep him warm in the dead of winter. This is a high quality product...very well-made. Couldn't be happier!

Jan Walker on Nov 1, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
Best coat ever for my little Doxie! Thank you so much.

alyssamjoy on Oct 1, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
Holly is a master at her craft!! My Vinnie's suit fits him like a glove & will keep him warm & dry over our long New England winter, thank you Holly!!

Kari Bigger on Jun 27, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
The quality is incomparable. These products stand alone.

Vickey Halstead on Jun 23, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
This was a reorder since I like the firsts ones so much. Fast custom delivery. Thank you.

Tracy Cates on May 5, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
Amazing! I can't say enough good words. Quick responses to my questions and was able to customize the fit for my disabled dog & even let me pick a fabric from her Facebook page that wasn't featured in the listing. The diaper fit perfectly and arrived so quickly and the quality is fantastic. I'll definitely be buying from you again. Thank you again for everything!

Samar Habibi on Jan 19, 2016 5 out of 5 stars
I cannot rave enough about this item. I have bought various winter jackets for Donnie, my whippet. None have been warm enough (live in Manhattan and this is our first winter) but this has been the closest thing. Right until freezing temperatures this Winter Suit has been enough (now I have to layer slightly). Plus he looks adorable in it, and I have recommended this store to at least 10 people (no exaggerations). Highly highly recommended!

Lisa Voitsidis on Dec 30, 2015 5 out of 5 stars
Superior quality! Wonderful fabric - the best looking belly band on the market, hands down! Gathers comfortably round my dog's waist so he doesn't fuss with it at all! Plus, Holly provided exceptional customer service! Highly recommend this vendor!