FAQ & Fabric Care

Face Masks-wash warm, air dry for best wear. You can also STEAM CLEAN them with a hot iron or fabric steamer. Press as needed.
Washing instructions for all Polartec® fleece
Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colors. Machine-dry at a low temperature - or hang to air-dry for best results.
Turn fleece inside-out to prevent snags
Do not use bleach or fabric softeners
Do not iron, steam, press or dry clean
For best results, launder garment separately.

Diaper Laundering: Wash diapers warm/hot with NO FABRIC SOFTENERS! This clogs up the internal wetness core. Air dry for maximum absorbency or dry on low. Close all Velcro firmly before laundering to preserve the grip. To clean lint out of Velcro, use a fine tooth comb and gently brush.

Organic cotton knits and flannels, wash cool and machine dry low.
Do you have D rings on your hoodies or clothes in general to attach a leash and also is your clothing all custom made? Unless it's specifically offered as a walking harness or walking coat, we do not put D-rings on stretch fabrics as it's a safety hazard. I can put a button hole in the back or leave an opening at the neck seam if you'd like.
Everything in this shop is custom made but I maintain a ready-wear shop for immediate shipping, iggyfashions.com
Seriously? I have to wait 3 weeks for my order?
Yes, 3 weeks in high season (Sept-April)...but it will usually arrive before that. I work alone which means every single item in my shop is made from scratch by my hands in the order it was received. My 12 years in business and 100% positive reviews has built quite a following which I am so grateful for!!!
Check my ready-to-ship shop for immediate delivery! www.iggyfashions.com
We ordered a Pooch Pad (diaper) on Amazon and it was way too stiff for our greyhound. It fit around his waist, but didn't cover him well because of how wide and stiff the product was. I could tell it was uncomfortable for him.
Do you think your product would work for a greyhound?

Yes, we make all size diapers and they are all VERY soft and comfortable, using the same fabrics and organic bamboo worn by human babies. Our diapers are wider than most and the innovative pouch feature with gentle elastic ensures full coverage. They have a built in wetness core and can also be worn with a pad inside.
Are your fabrics pre-washed?
Many of the cottons and flannels are pre-washed for nominal shrinkage. We conserve water here in the Arizona high desert by using our washing machine's output of grey-water to provide the cottonwood trees with seasonal irrigation so we are very careful to use only chemical-free and non-toxic laundry products in our home and yard.
I am totally at my wits end with my daughter's chihuahua who now lives with me. He marks constantly. Right now I have him in bellyband by Mr. Wags but it requires a mini pad inside. At the rate of how many times Finn pees in that pad, I'll be broke! What would you recommend for him? He is under 5 lbs and wears xsmall right now. I need to be washing these not throwing them out.
Frustrating, isn't it? I would recommend a diapering system for him which is a waterproof bellyband and washable pads to start with. These pads can be washed hundreds of times and are a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads.
I really like that many of your fleeces are made in America. Are they really from top name sports clothing manufacturers?
Yes! Technically we are not supposed to use the brand name but we buy our fabrics directly from the makers of this high performance fleece. Some of these fabrics are exclusive to Spoiled Bratzwear and they are gorgeous!
I have a 5 month old Italian greyhound puppy and need something warm. What's the best style for a growing puppy?
My suggestion for growing pups are the 2-legged sweaters styles because they have a very flexible fit and will grow with your pup. The PJ/romper style outfits with 4 legs really need to fit just right so they don't get tangled in the back legs. ANY of the fabrics you see in the shop can be made into either a 2 legged or 4 legged style, just ask me!
I tried using a belly band from www.bellybands.net where my greyhound organization gets theirs from. My dog didn't seem to like the feeling of it where his legs meet his body, possibly irritating the skin there. I was wondering if one of your diapers might work better for him? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Our bellybands are made with gentle, narrow elastic unlike some bands that use thick elastic. The way we apply the elastic, it forms a pouch which seems to be more comfortable for most dogs and it does NOT chafe or pinch. We line our bands with a unique stay-dry diapering fleece which is very, very soft. It also wicks moisture away from the skin to prevent urine burn and has a stay-dry finish.
Is my credit card info safe?
Spoiledbratzwear.com does not collect, process, or even see your credit card information. Your payment will be processed on the secure site of PayPal.com, the global leader in online payments. We have been using Paypal for 17+ years because of the online security offered. You may use ANY card to check out. We also accept personal checks from established customers.
I saw your K9 Sunwear on another website, do you wholesale to other companies?
That would be a firm NO. What you likely saw is a shameless copycat. Several companies have pirated our ideas and pass them off as their own. We ONLY sell from our 2 websites and do not wholesale to other companies for resale, nor does anyone have permission to copy our ideas and designs.