Our Story

Handmade in Arizona, USA since 2008

I launched my first petwear shop on Etsy (Hatz 4 Bratz) in January '08 offering some of the items I made for my own Italian greyhounds after we moved to the cool, windy mountains of Flagstaff in '06. Vinnie didn't like the wind on his ears and was hesitant to go outside, so my first fleece hat was "born". Out of necessity for foster dogs I soon added belly bands, walking vests, coats and simple fleece PJs that I donated to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation for fundraising.
I still donate regularly to many rescue organizations and have a steadfast commitment to helping dogs in need but no longer foster.

Italian greyhounds are hard to fit with their deep chests, long legs and thin bodies. Standard pet clothing doesn't work and because they don't have a lot of body fat or fur to keep them warm they seem to enjoy snuggly soft fabrics. All our fabrics are selected and tested for the highest quality, comfort, function, durability and of course style.

I purchased several commercially available suits for Valentino from another company in 2007 and they just didn't fit him properly with oddly positioned back sleeves and thickly serged seams. I promptly returned them. This led me to the idea of making CUSTOM clothing, fashioning a pattern for each individual dog using my IG-specific formula, not "one size fits most". I also wanted clothing with minimal interior seams to rub his delicate skin. So I came up with a formula through trial and error that takes the dog's measurments and breed into consideration for the very best fit.

I piddled around with my Etsy shop for several years perfecting my craft, while everyone rolled their eyes asking me, "YOU MAKE WHAT???" Yep....dog clothes.
I took a part time job with a local Flagstaff artist/screenprinter and learned a lot from her decades of selling online and at dog shows. (thank you, Monique)

In 2010, something "happened". A switch turned on, Google found me, HGTV found me and my angels were busy too! Soon I was sewing all day, every day and the demand for my handmade products was overwhelming. It meant my "crazy ideas" were not so crazy after all.

Fast forward to today, I've streamlined the business so I'm not overwhelmed and only open 3 weeks a month to keep my workload manageable and delivery times reasonable. (3 weeks in the winter months)

Our clothing styles and first-of-a-kind innovations have been "borrowed" by others who attempt to mimic my achievements, but please know when you purchase an SBW outfit, you are getting an original design and outstanding handmade quality. When I founded Spoiled Bratzwear in '08 there were only 2 other companies making Italian greyhound specific clothing.
I still work alone using a Babylock sewing machine and serger with meticulous attention to detail. You won't find finer fabrics, fit or construction ANYWHERE.

I never imagined that my little hobby to make something "better" would turn into a full-time career with international reach to 26 (and growing) countries and I'm grateful for the 100% positive feedback left by my customers these past 10 years. Working hard with integrity, without copying other designers and without compromise really does pay off.

K9 Sunwear™ was the first of it's kind offering sun~blocking clothing for pets. Originally designed in early 2011 for my first IG Valentino (July 1998~April 2015) who had an aggressive skin cancer aggravated by the strong AZ sun. You can read more about him and his long battle with hemangiosarcoma here: www.k9sunwear.com We've lost 2 Italian greyhounds to this dreadful disease and are dedicated to sharing our story about not letting them lay in the sun without protection.

My goal is to provide functional, stylish, high quality pet apparel that will last for years. You won't find baby prints, cheap fleece or "frou~frou" in my shop as my first love is designing for Italian greyhounds with their sleek, athletic bodies which should not be covered in ruffles and bows. (or God would have give them fur....)
What you will find is lots of organic European knits, Polartec fleece and the best pet diapers on the market.

I work at this business 10+ hrs/day, 6 days a week as well as managing my 2 web-stores, an active Facebook business page , marketing, customer service, packing orders, shipping, photographing & fabric sourcing. So yes, this IS my full time job and I do the best I can to get your orders out expeditiously. Ask me if you need something rushed, I'll do my very best to work with you at no extra charge.

My husband and I both maintain home offices on 3 open acres and gorgeous mountain views just north of Prescott, Arizona. After living all over this great state, we are staying put here where the air is fresh, sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous and people are friendly. Before moving to Arizona in the early 90s, we lived in the Philadelphia suburbs and I was a successful hairstylist/makeup artist/esthetician for over 10 years.
We forgot to have skin kids but our pets & our businesses keep us entertained so we hardly notice.....

~Licensed hairstylist/esthetician since 1982
~Sole proprietor/business owner for 25 years. (Puppy Love Petsitting, 5 Star Footwear, Bowser's Bistro)
~Online retail presence since 1999 (www.holistic-hounds.com)
~Mentor to other women business owners~ask me for a list
~Top Etsy petwear shop
~Featured on HGTV, #1 unique handmade gift item Holiday 2010

Thanks for stopping by to get to know more about the madness, and thank you for your business. I know you have a choice in pet clothing and I am humbled that you've chosen Spoiled Bratzwear.
Holly and the houndies,
Monti, Star & Benny

www.facebook.com/iggymom (personal page-lots of vegetarian recipes)

Forever missing our angels, Mugzy, Valentino, Vinnie, Speedo, Jack and Princessa
Everything we've done the past 20+ years has been for all of you. RIP my precious babydogs, 'til we meet again. Mommy's heart will always be yours....

Silver Hounds was founded in '08, a fundraising group for senior Italian greyhounds in foster care. www.facebook.com/silverhounds

Spoiled Bratzwear can be found all over this great planet including: Australia, Austria, Ireland, Japan, France, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Finland, New Zealand, Germany, Latvia, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Newfoundland, Malta, Latvia, USA, South Africa and Russia.