The Original Pee-Liminator™ Custom Made Waterproof Dog Diaper

Sam B. November 26, 2015.
I purchased these from you almost three years ago. I got three, and my dog wears them every day. I just wanted you to know how amazing they are, and after three years, they still are going tears, velcro missing or anything. Exceptionally well made, which is hard to find. Just wanted to let you know!

12/6/23 thank you so much, these are truly the best products of their kind! Kristin H.
This listing is for 1 PUL waterproof belly band style dog diaper. See all of the in stock prints by clicking here

MEASURE CAREFULLY! No returns on hygiene products.

Our innovative belly bands provide wetness protection for your male dog in the most lightweight, comfortable diaper available. Excellent for dogs who are not house-trained, senior dogs with incontinence issues, disabled dogs or for the occasional marker. They are made with premium American made PUL and microfiber diaper materials, the same fabrics used for human babies. They provide the ultimate in softness, protection and performance.

If your dog is fully emptying his bladder, please know that these do have limitations. My suggestion in this situation is to use a disposable or washable pad inside for maximum absorbing. I sell sets with the bellybands and washable pads as well.

Our bellybands are a little wider than most and offer full coverage WITHOUT chafing. I stock over 40 prints. Not all prints are available for XL and XXL diapers. ASK ME!
See all of the in stock prints by clicking here LOTS OF PRINTS!!!

PLEASE USE EXACT PRINT NAME when ordering. If I don't get this info from you, I will choose print.

Stay-dry lining with silver ion technology provides the most protection offered in any other dog diaper on the market. Because of their excellent wicking and waterproof qualities, three layers is all that's needed. This is a TRIM diaper which is more comfortable for your dog to wear than one with many thickly padded layers that trap wetness. They also dry super-fast.

The inside of the diaper is lined with a super soft stay-dry microfleece which offers superior wicking properties and silver ion technology to keep the area comfortable and most importantly, DRY. These lining fabrics are made specifically for this purpose. As with human babies, you do not want soggy, thick fabrics pressing against the skin. This can cause urine burn and painful skin infections (think diaper rash)

Features of the Original Pee-Liminator™ by Spoiled Bratzwear
-Silvadure™ silver ion technology controls bacteria and odor

-Wide velcro holds them on securely and gentle enclosed elastic in all the right places creates a unique pouch feature which helps to keep the area drier than flat bands. Our pouch diaper won't squish your dog's man-bits against his belly. This pouch also forms air pockets for a drier more comfortable surface and provides a "nest" for a pad if you choose to use one.

-Tapered ends are less bulky on the back and vertical velcro provides a customized, adjustable fit. They will not pinch or pull fur and the materials are soft against your dog's skin. No chafing with our custom made dog diapers.

- Our bands are cut wider than most bands on the market. This prevents leaking and rolling and offers full coverage. If you want more protection, just ASK. Custom made for your dog's needs.

-Soft baby elastic is fully encased and there are no rough edges or seams to rub your dog's delicate groin or pinch.

- The PUL I buy is the best American made PUL on the market. It is breathable and void of metals, phthalates and latex. (unlike cheaper brands from the craft store) There are no VOCs emitted during production so it's considered a "green" product. Beware of cheap imitations that de~laminate after a few washings. (we do NOT use Babyville PUL which is made in China )

Please follow the chart and submit a waist measurement when you order. Hold your measuring tape taut, but not tight. These are custom made for the very best fit with the least amount of bulk.
They are adjustable by an inch or two and if you measure correctly, they will fit comfortably.

Guaranteed to be the best belly band you have ever purchase, or your money will be cheerfully refunded. Check my Reviews at the bottom of the page.

Please allow up to 10 days to receive. I'm working at full capacity with my high-demand products. THANK YOU for your patience. If you are having a diapering emergency, email me. I probably have something in stock for you with same~day shipping.
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