Choose the correct diaper

We basically offer 2 types of diapers for both male and female dogs, waterproof and NOT waterproof. Here I will explain the main differences to help you decide which is best for your pet.

Waterproof diapers are made with the same American made PUL (PolyUrethane Laminated) fabrics as washable human baby diapers. They are eco-friendly, breathable, soft, comfortable and offer the most protection from wetness for both your home and your pet. The soft, stay-dry linings wick moisture away from the body and lock it into the quilted organic bamboo and Zorb wetness core. Fabrics are treated with natural silver ion SILVADUR™ which inhibits the growth of odor and infection-causing bacteria.

Waterproof diapers can be worn with or without an absorbent pad inside (to keep diaper clean longer) so they are the most versatile and our most popular seller.
We offer 2 "styles" of male diapers, pouched and flat.
Pouched (elastic) bellybands work for most dogs.
Flat bellybands (no elastic) work well for for "thicker" dogs like pugs and frenchies without a definite tuck-up. (waist)
Non-waterproof diapers are custom made with high quality 100% cotton flannel. They are also lined with the same stay-dry microfleece and have the quilted organic bamboo wetness core in the crotch but they MUST BE WORN with a pad inside as they are NOT waterproof and if worn alone, they will leak if you dog is a heavy wetter. If your dog is only marking or in season, they can be worn alone and will contain light soiling. Wearing a band may also discourage some dogs from marking inside and are a great housetraining tool and indispensible when traveling.
You may use a panti-liner or washable pad inside for light usage and to keep your diaper clean longer.

Which diaper or bellyband do you need?

If your dog is incontinent, a heavy wetter or needs overnight protection, my recommendation is the PUL waterproof Pee-Liminator™ and Diva Pantz™ diapers. They hold the most wetness and keep your home and your pet DRY.
This is the "Cadillac" of dog diapers, they are trim, lightweight and comfortable and most dogs readily accept wearing them.

If your dog is only marking occasionally, you are working on house~training, traveling to a new place or you have a female in her season the flannel belly-bands and panty diapers are usually sufficient with their light to moderate protection.

I also make washable, waterproof pads for use inside you diapers to replace disposable pads.

Still confused? Email me and let me put together a "starter kit" for you. This way you will have all the tools you need to get started and can decide which works the best for your situation.
I'm just an email away: Email Holly I'm sorry I don't offer phone support at this time.

Please change diapers and pads when they become wet and don't allow your dog to wear them for long periods of time. Our design and premium fabrics are helpful in preventing skin irritation, bacterial growth and urine burns but changing frequently as you would a human baby will keep your dog happy & healthy.