Western Wag™ Arizona Southwest Fleece Blanket Dog Coats

Premium Southwest blanket fleece dog coats are fully lined in high quality performance Polartec fleece. I fell in love with these classic blanket prints before I even moved to Arizona from the east coast nearly 30 years ago.
Double layer really keeps your hound warm by trapping body heat between the layers. Polartec is the best for doing this while remaining breathable and SO soft. The design you choose will be centered on the back of the coat.

Prints shown:
Vista Stripe (the coat made up)
Cody Copper
Heirloom Weave
Turquoise Blanket Stripe
Sunset Stripe
Black Canyon

Simple pull-on wrap styling with a turtleneck and Velcro strap at the chest. Rear dart keeps the coat close to the body. If your dog has an "up" tail, please let me know.

I must have all measurements when you order, please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your custom made dog coat.

Please let me choose coordinating neutral Polartec fleece lining color.

Custom items sold by WEIGHT of your dog:
Small 2-10 pound dog
Medium 11-15 pound dog
Large 16-20 pound dog
XL 21-30 pound dog
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