Organic Bamboo Velour Eco Friendly Cuddler for Dogs-custom made for Italian greyhound

Designed originally in '09 for my Valentino (he just loved this shirt), organic, eco-friendly bamboo velour cuddler is SO soft, stretchy, shimmery and the most comfortable NATURAL fabric for your sensitive dog. 70% natural bamboo is blended with organic cotton and a tiny touch of Lycra for an wonderful drape and weight that mimics fine silk. Bamboo has excellent UV protective qualities and is naturally antibacterial so it's nice for after surgeries which he had a lot of to remove his skin cancer growths.

Certified free of toxic chemicals and lead by Intertek. Inside has a smooth, soft knit with the *fuzz* on the outside. Excellent for hairless breeds that can't wear plastic/synthetic fleece, this breathes, stretches and moves beautifully.

Bamboo is technically a grass and is an exceptionally *green* crop which doesn't need pesticides to flourish as well as being fast-growing and sustainable. These natural bamboo fabrics are designed to cover your little pet in softness while decreasing exposure to many of the toxic chemicals used in the textile industry as well as protecting the planet too. Sun~blocking properties too, this versatile fabric is for year-round wear.

Versatile cowl neck can be worn up or down for head and ear protection and longer sleeves provide warmth without bulky cuffs. Custom made cuddler hugs the body with full rear coverage. Cut fuller in the tummy area for the girls, more open for the boys so it won't get soiled on potty breaks.

This is a staple in my line of natural and organic fabrics for your cherished companions. I also offer the organic bamboo velour in a 4 legged style and a sleeveless design. Ask me holly@spoiledbratzwear.com

2019 Colors:
~Poppy Pink
~Medium Blue
~Apple Green
~Silver Ice (Ester the dachshund is modeling this color in the sleeveless design

Feel free to mix and match colors!
I need collar, chest, length and front height as well as BREED and MALE or FEMALE. This helps me further customize your petwear for the very best fit.

Sample color being modeled by my angel Valentino is AQUA and no longer available. Choose from the other colors listed or order 2 tone.

WARNING: dogs love this stuff! Don't be surprised if your dog hides when you try to take off this soft, natural cuddler! And NO....I don't make them for humans (yet) .

Oeko-Tex® certified free of harmful substances which are common in the textile industry.
Organic Bamboo Velour Eco Friendly Cuddler for Dogs-custom made for Italian greyhound listed in: