Bamboo Eco~Inserts Washable Waterproof Dog Diaper Liners with Silver Ion odor protection

NEW!!! We are now using the bamboo/organic cotton dimple topping on these pads for even MORE softness and absorbency!!! Three-dimensional engineered dimple pattern provides greater retention, superior hold, faster distribution of moisture and less leaking under compression. With silver ion technology to prevent bacterial growth and completely safe against the delicate skin. Contoured shape fits nicely against the body and offers superior comfort.

Eco-friendly washable liners (6 or 12 pack) work seamlessly with all of our diapers and offer the most wetness protection for overnight and incontinence. Stop throwing your money away on disposable pads with their chemical additives and go green! These will pay for themselves in no time.

Pad sizes coordinate with our diaper sizes and work seamlessly with our unique pouch design. If you are ordering with diapers, the waterproof backing will match. If you are ordering Small diapers, please order small pads. This assures the pads won't move around inside your diaper.

Please ask me about larger sizes, I can only make them when time permits. Sizes are approximate. These are hand cut and assembled so please expect slight variations. FEMALE pads are a bit narrower to fit comfortably between the legs in the full panty-style diaper.
The next generation of washable pads, this waterproof diaper insert has a dimpled cotton/bamboo topper, eco-friendly bamboo and antibacterial silver ion technology inside offers the MOST protection to keep your diaper clean longer and prevent odor. Waterproof PUL backing (colors/prints will vary) provides a wetness barrier and is made in the USA.
Please order the same size pad as your diapers! Small diaper=small pads!

Bamboo plant fibers are porous so fabric made from bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the area dry. Dimpled fabric and sewn channels inside also help to pull the liquid into the center and away from your dog. Contoured shape stays put inside the diaper without snaps or velcro and works seamlessly with our diaper pouch design. I can NOT guarantee they will work in other brands of diapers as they have been specifically designed to be used in ours.

If you are buying along with a diaper, choose the same size as your diaper.
See all of our innovative diapering systems and washable waterproof floor pads in the shop. Spoiled Bratzwear

We do NOT use Babyville brand PUL. (made in China) Our high quality diapering fabrics are made in Canada and the USA.

PLEASE ALLOW up to 2 WEEKS TO RECEIVE. These are custom made, NOT STOCKED.
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