K9 Sunwear™ VEST UV Protective Sleeveless Shirt for Italian greyhounds-solids and prints

This is the 5th and newest style offered in our sun protective clothing for pets. Suits, hoodies, tees, ponchos and now a sleeveless version which provides full back and belly coverage without the fuss of sleeves. Leg openings are FLAT stitched with no cuffs or bands which can rub the delicate skin.
These athletic performance fabrics are UV rated to block 98% of the sun's harmful rays while remaining cool and breathable on your dog. Innovative poly fibers wick wetness and dry fast which make them the ultimate summer fabric.

Available in solids, heathers and prints, these are CUSTOM MADE for your dog for the best fit.
Order with a hood, mock turtleneck or a long collar for ear and head coverage.

Choose your dog's WEIGHT from the drop down menu and provide all measurements when checking out. This ensures the best fit.
Purple Earth and Turtles
Purple Plumeria Floral
Galaxy Planets
Pink Shimmer Bandana
White Solid
Heather Aqua
Heather Fuschia
Heather Royal
Heather Charcoal
NEW! SunBrite Yellow
NEW! SunBright Aqua
NEW! SunBrite Watermelon
NEW! SunBright Orange
Light Aqua DryKnit
Bubblegum Pink DryKnit
Iris DryKnit
Serene Pastel merle
Ocean Blue merle
Pink Lemonade merle
Please allow 3 weeks to receive custom items.
K9 Sunwear™ was "invented" for my Italian greyhound, Valentino, in early 2011 when these fabrics first became available on the open market. He fought an inherited, aggressive skin cancer for 8+ years which was exasperated by the strong AZ sun. I wish I had these fabrics when he was a puppy.
We lost him in April 2015 at almost 17 years old and to honor his memory and courageous 8 year battle, I will spend the rest of my days warning people about letting your light colored Italian greyhound or other hairless dogs sunbathe! It WILL slowly kill them!!!!
He had many surgeries over the years to removed bleeding growths and large tumors in his senior years. It eventually went to his internal organs and attacked his brain. I will miss him and love him forever.
PLEASE, be sun safe, for your dog's sake.