<b> IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ BEFORE SHOPPING!</b> - product images  of
<b> IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ BEFORE SHOPPING!</b> - product images  of
<b> IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ BEFORE SHOPPING!</b> - product images  of
<b> IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ BEFORE SHOPPING!</b> - product images  of


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PLEASE limit your shopping cart to no more than 4 items at a time this allows me to stay at a 4 week delivery for everyone during this very busy time of year.
Thank you for visiting Spoiled Bratzwear at our comfy home on the web. The easiest way to shop is by using the categories on the left menu bar or the blue search bar under my logo. If you see a fabric you like but not in a style you want, ASK ME. If the fabric is in house, I can use it to make any style you want. Everything is MADE TO ORDER. Petwear is sized/priced by the weight of your dog which you choose from the drop-down menu when ordering. You will then need to provide me with measurements. I have instructional videos on Facebook to help you: www.facebook.com/spoiledbratzwear/videos

Currently running on a 3-4 week delivery for custom clothing, diapers ship FAST. By proceeding and/or purchasing you agree to these shipping times.
I usually close the shop mid-month to catch up on things, so placing your orders before the 15th will get you into the queue. This business model works perfectly for me and allows me the time to create new things, complete my orders with precision and interact with my valued customers.

Please email me if you have any questions about sizing or ordering and kindly give me 24 hrs to get back to you. Email Me

I work alone and do all of the designing, sewing, fabric and findings sourcing, packaging, photographing, shipping, customer service, web design, Facebook updating and keeping the models, husband and chickens happy. THANK YOU for your patience.
Spoiled Bratzwear is worth the wait, please check my customer comments/reviews at the bottom of the page. Our exception handmade quality and customer service topples the competition!

If you are having a fashion emergency, please ask me about in stock availability. I keep an entire shop of ready-to-wear on Zibbet.
Ready-Wear Shop

My #1 selling bellybands and diapers are generally shipped 5-7 days after purchase, depending on my current workload, and many times sooner. I know you need them so I put them ahead of all other orders.

We ship WORLDWIDE. If you don't see your country listed, ask me.
Your items will be shipped to the address on your Paypal account, not the address you enter here when you check out. This is to assure we are both protected should your item be damaged or lost. If your current address is different than what your Paypal account says, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I don't use shop invoices, only your current Paypal information and can not be responsible for lost items if you don't update your Paypal account.
Gift shipping (no extra charge) is also available.

Thank You for supporting my small business,
Holly and the houndies

Spoiled Bratzwear has shipped all over the world including:
Spain, Ireland, Malta, Finland, Russia, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Poland, S. Korea, Tokyo, New Zealand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Newfoundland, Austria, Hawaii and almost every state in the US!