Pee-Liminator Diapering System for Male Dogs- 2 bellybands and 6 washable pads

Our popular set is BACK! This diapering system includes 2 washable, waterproof, eco-friendly male diaper wrap bellybands and 6 washable, waterproof pads that replace disposables. Save money not buying disposable pads! Whether your dog is just marking in new places or is incontinent due to age or disease, our diapering solution will solve your frustrating pee-problem. For ALL size dogs from 2 pounds to 200! (please ask me which prints are available for the XL and XXL diapers before ordering.

Designed originally in 2008 for a marking foster dog, we were the FIRST company making all-in-one pet diapers.
We currently stock about 50 prints but don't have the room here to list them all. Please visit our Facebook album to see them. MORE PRINTS CLICK HERE

Our Pee-liminator diapers are sold around the globe to pet parents who want the BEST. Recommended by vets and groomers too, our innovative diapers use the same high quality fabrics used in washable HUMAN baby diapers for their excellent sustainability and performance. Wash them over and over again, they get more absorbent all the time with their bamboo linings, silver ion odor protection and thirsty microfiber wetness core.
Wide velcro keeps them on securely, gentle baby elastic in all the right places forms a "pouch" to keep wetness away from your dog and allows air-pockets to form inside. The wicking linings keep your dog's skin DRY. Not sure what you need? Check out our informative "Choosing the right diaper" page at the bottom of our home page.

Sized by your dog's waist measurement:
XS 9-11" waist
SM 12-14" waist
MED 15-17" waist
LG 18-20" waist
XL 21-24" waist
2XL 25" waist and larger

Choose the proper size* and also include an actual waist measurement for the best CUSTOM fit. Will not leak, chafe or pinch...guaranteed. Check my testimonials, these are our #1 selling product because they WORK. Please allow 2 weeks to receive custom items but don't be surprised if they arrive sooner. I expedite diaper orders because I know you NEED them!

Feel free to mix and match if you would like 2 different prints. Prints change often! Your washable pads will match your diapers. NOT ALL PRINTS are available for the XL and 2XL diapers. Ask me before ordering to be sure. EMAIL ME

* is your dog is between sizes (say 14.5") email me so we can decide if your dog needs to go up to the next size, or stay in the smaller size with just a little extra length added on--totally depends on your dog's other measurements which I am happy to help you decide. EMAIL ME