1" Wide Limited Slip Softie Walking Collar

Limited slips work like martingales in that they tighten when engaged, preventing your thin-headed dog from backing out and escaping. They stop at a certain point as not to choke the dog, hence "limited" slip. The collar of choice for Italian greyhounds and whippets but ANY dog can wear them.
The loop on a limited slip collar lies to one side instead of centered like a martingale and they are less bulky and all one piece which means less seams to loosen.
One inch wide, they simply slip over the head and tighten with a nickel slide. Despite being lightweight and soft, they are very strong.
I only use high quality designer jacquard ribbons, many from Europe with lots of details!

Please submit a neck and head measurement when ordering. Because there is NO BUCKLE, it needs to slip over the head to be worn.

Choose from the ribbons and prints shown. I make these with both high quality ribbons and premium cotton flannels.

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