1.5" Softie Slip Walking Collar for Italian greyhounds

Limited slip dog collars are perfect for walking dogs with thin heads who back out of buckle collars like Italian greyhounds and whippets. This 1.5" collar is made with the softest faux shearling and designer cotton or European woven ribbon. You won't find a softer collar anywhere! Many prints available. See all of 100+ quilter cotton prints here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=spoiledbratzwear&set=a.10157379036809635 I also have LOTS of ribbons that can be used. Some are shown.

Limited slips work like martingales in that they tighten when engaged but they stop at a certain point so they don't choke the dog. They offer more control than a buckle collar for walking and they are sleek, lightweight and COMFORTABLE. The preferred walking collar for Italian greyhounds, whippets and other sighthounds but ANY dog can wear them.
They lay a little smoother on the neck with a flat side loop instead of the traditional round center martingale loop and it's ALL ONE PIECE so there are less seams to wear out unlike a martingale which is 2 pieces with a bulky front loop.

This listing is for a custom collar that is 1.5" wide. We use a high quality nickel or solid BRASS slides. Please submit a neck measurement when ordering. Also measure around the head at widest, as this needs to slip over the head and then adjust to the neck.
These are custom made for the best fit and least bulk, not stocked.
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