Pure Plush Super Soft Romper with Shimmer-several prints

This is one of the softest fabrics around, it's super stretchy in all 4 directions and is a little thinner than the mallow fabrics and it's fuzzy on both sides unlike regular minky. Printed with shimmery foils that stand up to laundering, this fabric is one of my all time favorites and a top pick with customers as well.
Romper design with 4 hemmed sleeves and a tall collar for snuggling. If you would like any alterations to this design, like a shorter collar, explain in full detail in the box below after you submit measurements.

NEW! Golden Reindeer
Aqua/silver hearts
Rainbow Leopard (I have a video on FB showing this fabulous shimmer https://www.facebook.com/spoiledbratzwear/videos/5089752974385779 )
Deep Blue Skies with silver
Black Twinkle Holograph (video on Facebook to see the twinkle! )

Please supply all measurements and choose size by weight of your dog. Allow up to 3 weeks to receive custom pieces.

Want a sweater or vest instead? Ask me for a custom listing. holly@spoiledbratzwear.com
Pure Plush Super Soft Romper with Shimmer-several prints listed in: