Cotton Quilted Pet Sling-MANY prints

I have many designer cottons, choose butter suede lightweight linings, minky dimple or the plush marshmallow furs.
Fur colors: baby blue, vanilla, pink
Butter Suede colors: black, charcoal, lime
I apply fusible fleece to the cotton fabric used for the pouch and quilt them for stability and long wear. Tie straps have an accented lining and are not quilted. Deep pocket for your phone or other necessities. Safety leash inside.
Contact me to design your own. The slings pictured have been SOLD but give you an idea of the style and quality. MANY prints, see them here. I also use flannel. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=spoiledbratzwear&set=a.10157379036809635
~REGULAR for dogs up to about 14 pounds.
~DEEP for dogs up to about 20 lbs. You need to be able to support their weight on your neck/shoulder. Slingz are very strong.

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